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Brow Services



Eyebrow tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes and is particularly beneficial for people who have very fair eyebrows and for people who normally use eyebrow pencils. 

The life cycle of the eyebrow hair is approximately four to six weeks therefore after this period of time the hair will have returned to its original color. The treatment however, can be repeated on a regular basis.

Brow Tinting $19 Approximately 25 min


Henna brow is tinting using henna paste to enhance and shape your brow.  It is one of the most beautiful ways to color match semi-permanent eyebrow tint to  your natural hair color. Henna stains the skin as well as brow hair giving a full finish look. Henna tinting can last up to 6 weeks. Wax or tweezing included to complete the  your look.

Henna Brow $55 Approximately 45 min

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